Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Universal Beer Principle

Humans are visual beings. Males, more so than females. This insight is not new.

Hugh Hefner and his industry associates knew this even before the commercialization of Arpanet. They are pretty adaptable too, having populated the Internet even before the bricks and mortars did.

Another insight is that women love to show off their flawless skin.

What do you know, men being more visual and women showing off skin.

This is an excellent example of the principle of universal compatibility, the yin and the yang.

Don't trust me on this.

The few successes I had with women shedding their clothes off to give me a delightful experience had something to do with the Universal Beer Principle.

As stated in a bar somewhere in Manila,

"Give Her Beer. It helps ugly men get laid."

Hey gorgeous, wanna drink beer? ;)

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