Monday, May 21, 2007

Close Encounters with Two Bachelorettes Pt. 1

It was almost lunch time when I got to chat with two very young and lovely specimens of the Female Tribe, ycats and romzkee.

No, they're not my type as my girlfriend was sitting beside me. Ycats was asking permission if I can be her godfather when she marries.

It was really a bittersweet moment for me. Sweet of her to consider me worthy to be a godfather, bitter of me to be reminded that I am almost 40.

I don't have any age issue, you know. It is just that a lot of times, I wish they were my age and, like me, arthritic. Oh well, time really flies.

Having accepted the role of a marriage adviser slash second parent slash elderly counselor, I would like to start with a fatherly reminder.

Ycats, don't forget that you need a groom when you marry, ok?

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