Monday, May 21, 2007

Close Encounters with Two Bachelorettes Pt. 2

This post departs from my usual rambling style without any consideration to my target market, that is YOU, my dear reader.

The reason will become evident as you read this post.

I managed to squeeze in a few exchange with Romzkee,
while chatting with Ycats, .

I asked Romzkee to critique my blog.

She mentioned that it was long. She said that most Gen Y internet users just scan blogs. This made me pause and think hard.

Eureka! My readers have a short visit span.

This led me to recognize another symptom of the Pay Per Click Syndrome. Those afflicted with the Pay Per Click Syndrome can't wait to return to their blogs to click on their ads resulting in a short visit time to read my blog.

I can't thank you enough Romzkee. As I mentioned earlier, you are really heaven sent.

To express my gratitude, once I've helped Ycats buy a groom [her idea], I will do the same thing for you.

Romzkee, better start saving up, ok?