Thursday, May 24, 2007

Heads-up! Matt Cutts, Google!

This post anticipates that "Google is going to be looking at paid links more closely in the future." as mentioned in Matt Cutts' post on hidden links. [Click me, ok?]


1) I have paid Me and Myself to link to I.
2) Me and Myself paid I to link to them. [I find circular links a bit confusing, it is starting to give me a headache.]
3) I have been paid by Me and Myself to review The Legally-Recycled Bachelor blog.
4) Me and Myself will soon buy Adwords so I can click on my ads.

Since I don't only love to rant, I also love to rat.

1) All Filipino bloggers will think or are thinking of paid linking schemes, except me of course. Ditch them.
2) I wish to report the biggest paid link provider who has insistently shown link whenever I search for Me or Myself. I find it a bit irritating that my fellow professional bloggers keep on appearing as paid links even if I am on the last page of the search engine result. Why, whadda you know, it's...Google!.