Wednesday, May 23, 2007

An Emerging Disease, the Pay Per Click Syndrome

We click our own ads, proudly!

This is the slogan for the support group I intend to put up for those afflicted with the Pay Per Click (PPC) Syndrome. The slogan is copyrighted, so don't use it.

Instead, as Nike tells you, just do it. Click your own ad, proudly!

The Pay Per Click Syndrome is similar to Tourette's but it requires the presence of a mouse to manifest itself.

While the cause of the disease is still unknown, the disease is spread by a carrier called the monetization bug.

The palpable symptoms are the delirious and almost unstoppable desire to monetize a personal website during office hours.

Dilbert calls this pretending to work.

Sounds familiar?

If you feel that you belong to this group, wait for my announcement when I will be getting your email.

I am still constructing the site that you will access. I am having a bit of a problem with my spambot. Fortunately, I have an RSS feed.

Be patient. Things will come up sooner than you can click. Also, let us chat about Amazon Associates and eBay, will you?

I have a mailing list I wish to auction. And a book about methods and techniques to get it.

I promise, should I ever get an Adsense account, I will click my own ads too, ok? I am willing to bet your life on it.

I almost forget, please do link to my blog.

Please tag me if you were positively or negatively affected while reading this post. . Thanks!

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