Friday, May 25, 2007

A Knight in Tarnished Armor

T'was an exchange of words, not quite intelligible.
Motives were put to question, reared an ugly head.
Once there was warmth, now turned cold.

It is what I fear the most, I've deepened festering wound.
It is where I tread so often, I've forgotten road forbidden.
It is why I am not a knight, I've worn tarnished armor.

It is a broken sword that I hold, I wound as I'm told.
It is a shattered shield that I carry, I hurt as I tarry.
It is a tired horse that I ride, I fall as I prime.

I am not a knight, but surely not a knave.
I am not mighty, but certainly not weak.
I am not wise, but undoubtedly not a fool.

I may be tired, but rest, to continue my journey.
I may be fallen, but stand, to face the world.
I may be broken, but care, to offer as sacrifice.

It was from brokeness whence I came.
It has been from weariness whence I've been.
It is from woundedness whence I speak.

Thus, friendly counsel I freely give.

Let it lie not festering in the brooding darkness.
Let it be accepting under the warmth of sunshine.
Let it go forgiving into the vastness of space.

Let go, friend, let it go.

NOTE: This is a longer version of a post in another blog, Friend, Let it go

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