Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My Sympathizers

The links on the right side are blogs of persons who were previously my subordinates. Now that we are equal, they have become my friends.

Why the few links? It has something to do with a long-held belief.

I believe that sociability is overrated because, like my fine motor skills, I have poorly developed social skills.

In fact, Darell - the only one of my previous subordinates who doesn't blog - pleadingly told me to pretend to be someone else as not to be an embarrassment whenever I am with her. [I encouraged open communication lines between me and my subordinates, you see.]

I appreciated and thanked her for her candor. But I had to totally ignore her suggestion. What she has termed as "embarrassing behavior", I called child-like exuberance.

So, it was nothing more than a slight difference in perspective.

Since then, I noticed that Darell had always kept a deferential distance whenever we went out to buy lunch.

Darell, thank you for respecting my space.

One thing I can honestly tell you about our group, we are not only an independent and self-actualizing bunch, we are also self-clicking.

Going back to the links, if you visit their blogs, don't click their ads. Return to your blog and click yours, ok?

Please tag me if you were positively or negatively affected while reading this post. . Thanks!

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