Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Free SEX I.D. Test

I took a free sex ID test on BBCs site. Part three of the free sex ID test involved guessing the emotional states of persons by looking at images of their eyes.

By the way, BBC mentioned this particular part of the test is used by psychologists to determine autism.

Sneaky of them, don't you think?

So, if, unlike me, you do not have the capacity to absorb bad news, forgo this. Digg?

With a very stiff upper lip, I happily clicked on the choices given, although, I admit, I found it a bit bothersome that I could only click on one choice per image.

Dudes, haven't you heard of the right to The Pursuit of Happyness? Don't you have pirated DVDs? By Jove, I wanted to click all!

It was a good thing that I emailed them. I suggested that they start replacing their management and staff with Americans. Or, if it is not feasible, to transfer their headquarters to the USA.

Follow Murdoch's lead, will you?