Wednesday, May 30, 2007

#1, SEO Milestone

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I am now on the 1st page of Google's organic search for the keyword phrases filipino bachelor and filipino bachelor blog. I noticed this last night while checking on some keywords. Well, for a Filipino who practically stumbled into SEO/SEM, I am amused.

I find this amusing because I wasn't really thinking of getting into the 1st page of Google's search engine results page.

Frankly, until now, I am still clueless and confused on how this happened. I am still trying to recall and list the things I have done to land on the 1st page. Besides, I am not really sure if I can hold on to being #1.

I have started to blog just to understand what Avinash Kaushik was talking about. I am more interested in the basics of analytics.

In the Philippine setting, offline marketing is acutely important considering that there is only a small percentage of Filipinos who have access to the Internet much less own a computer.

Most young Filipinos gain access to the web through internet cafes, mainly for games.

It is still the offline marketing campaign and face-to-face selling that drive enrollment in schools.

It doesn't bother me not to be on the first page. What I find unsettling is that I am on Google's SERP [and #1 at that!] while the other search engines do not list me.

Definitely, I am not on the first 20 pages of Yahoo! and Live Search search results.

Obviously, the search engines are using different algorithms.

Hhhmmm...I just wonder is there is something wrong with Google.

I have been on the web for not even a month. And speaking of content, I don't have much that I can speak of either. I don't even have traffic.

Most of the traffic has something to do with my editing and changing the layout. So my traffic is mainly self-driven.

Before and until now, I hear some Filipino SEOs speak of [or blog]

"Content is King!".

Of course, they are not telling me their secrets and I am sure that they don't entirely believe this. But, I really wonder, with Google's new "universal search", is it now,

"Ignorance is King?!?"

Just thinking out loud, Sergey.

Excellent Analytics Site, Occam's Razor by Avinash Kaushik

P.S. I am still waiting to break the 1 cent ceiling for my blogs. :P

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I am a management consultant for technical, vocational education and training (TVET). I started The Legally-Recycled Bachelor blog as part of product research on search engine optimization and search engine marketing. I am a Filipino bachelor with two children. My wonderful children reside in the USA with their mother.

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