Saturday, June 2, 2007

Watch Out, John Chow!

John Chow got victimized by Google's recent update of its search engine algorithm. Sudden changes happened to who uses "make money online" as his main anchor text. At the time this post was being written, was on page 4 for the search keyword phrase "make money online" while he was 6th on Yahoo!'s 1st page search result. Previously, he was on Google's 1st page at #3.

Google has devalued links to counter link farm tactics. By how much, only Google knows.

The race is on to figure out Google's updated search engine. Certainly, Filipino SEOs are trying hard to figure out the changes. It is interesting how this will play out. Only time will tell.

So, have you been a Google victim lately?

If you were negatively or positively affected while reading this post,
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The author is a management consultant for technical, vocational education and training (TVET). He started The Legally-Recycled Bachelor blog as part of product research on search engine optimization and search engine marketing. He is a Filipino bachelor with two children. His wonderful children reside in the USA with their mother.

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