Sunday, June 3, 2007

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Syndrome

I tried posting "Watch Out, John Chow!" on my other blog at 2 or 3 nights ago. I tried posting twice and, in both instances, I failed. I got an "access denied" message. I wrote the admin of the site and got an email from them within a minute.

We have recently enabled more spam filters to try to control the amount of spam that is posted at Bloggerparty.

There is a limit for the number of urls in a single post of 3 (2 for repeat urls) and this may be why your recent posts are not being published. Please try to publish again with fewer urls.

When a post is disabled due to the spam filter you may need to login again.



So, I am a spammer! And I didn't have any URLs on the post at that time. How I wish that I can create a program that will automatically send email, post on my blog, generate URLs and hide the links [I hide links as a matter of style, using Snap Shots instead].

Because of this, I decided to discontinue posting at blogger party.

This means that this blog will have a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality, as I am still developing the third one.

You know, personalities should be like girlf(r)iends, the more, the merrier!

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homebuddy said...

the more girlfriends, the merrier? Sakit ng ulo yun! hehe!