Friday, June 1, 2007

Google Chews Ass!

John Chow has "decided to put a stop to my review for linkback promotion" recognizing that Google has devalued links to counter link farm tactics.

Dismissing his loss of valuable piece of cyber estate, John ended his post by saying,

"Not being ranked number one for make money online won’t make the drastic change in my traffic. The term sent me about 150 people a day. A nice amount, but very tiny compared to the over 11,000 that read this blog everyday."

[150 visitors/day = 54,600 visitors/year. What about his conversion rate?]

Now John, really? But didn't you get this volume of readers because of organic search results? And Adwords, in order to get more traffic, hoping that random visitors will become converts? Not to mention that you eventually got media mileage because of your online popularity? Why suddenly change tactic the same day you dropped from the 1st page?

Since I don't have green eyes, I am wide-eyed with envy!

It is still too early to tell, but with its updated algorithm, Googlers may be smiling to themselves and calling you John Chewed.

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