Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Hopefully - The Fear Factor

I got to talk to a banker while attending a wedding last week. The banker, a c-level executive of a global bank (top 5 worldwide), and I were school mates. I have known him to be a generous guy since high school, even sharing rare, unfiltered cigarettes with our barkada.

I mentioned that I am sourcing manpower for their outsourcing division. This started our conversation about outsourcing in general and the positive effect it has on local employment.

Eventually, I just had to ask how well the Philippines will do this year. He is hopeful that we will overcome the challenges by the second semester. He is also hopeful that the first quarter of this year will be okay.

Coming from him, the word hopeful made me afraid.

This year will be challenging for all of us but I, too, am hopeful.

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