Monday, October 29, 2007

A Filipino Bachelor's Jurassic Cell Phone

At 2:45PM Saturday afternoon, on my way out of the village, I received a text message from my female boss.

She inquired if I can come to the office at 2PM in the afternoon because she wanted to discuss something with me.

Apparently, the SMS was sent much earlier. I didn't receive the SMS sooner because my Nokia 5110i celfone doesn't have any signal whenever I am inside the house.

Which suits me fine. Those who know me well enough have my landline.

I returned home and called the office. My boss answered the phone. I explained that I needed a celfone upgrade, badly.

I asked her what was up.

She was uncomfortable. I asked her if she preferred a face-to-face meeting. I told her that we can meet on November 6 since I will be in Malolos on the 30th and absent on the 31st.

She relented and told me what's on her mind.

She asked about a previous job I held, how I perceived another school's Franchiser when I was a consultant of one of its Franchisees.

I told her point blank that I, the center manager and the owner felt that we were being screwed by the franchisor.

I may have exagerated a bit, but that somehow puts things in perspective. That was how I felt. I was also getting bits and pieces from my former boss on how he got sold into the franchise.

Eventually, I got to see the financial projections presented to my previous employer. And the franchising contract. I really felt that he was really sold by his colleagues.

My boss was really silent. I wondered if I offended her with my vocabulary or she was processing things that had been happening to the business the past months.

She got to the meat of the matter. She told me that the school's management wanted to expand the business and she wanted to find out if I am also willing to expand my responsibility to include the franchisees apart from corporate sales.

The reason being that the franchisees are considered accounts and should fall into my hands being an account executive.

I refused, telling her that handling the franchisees requires a lot of time and needs focus.

At this point, I am doing comfortably with my job as corporate account sales representative, handling corporate training and placement.

No pressure here, really. And most of my clients are nice.

On the side, I made a marketing plan for the soon-to-be-opened branch. It was just really a tactical plan. Nothing fancy and new.

I refused my boss but I had to assure her of support. So, I promised to help out with the franchisees' center marketing. I promised to align the marketing efforts of the franchisees and to come up with regular marketing themes for the system.

So, without having to give me a raise, I have accepted additional responsibility.

Of course, I can decide to feel bad about the whole thing or I can be take on the job, and do well.

After all, this is a challenge I have wanted since I have dreamt of putting up my own school.

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