Saturday, September 22, 2007

Metro Rail Transit - Filipino mass transport blues

I have been riding the MRT on my way home for the past days. The travel time from Buendia to Cubao Station is just about 20 minutes. Pretty fast and the fare is very cheap at only Php12.00.

The only downside is rush hour congestion. It seems that the MRT has reached its so-called system capacity, so most of the time, the trains are almost always full.

Congestion is really bad. During rush hour, I usually get to ride on the fourth train that arrives. To think I have to have help getting inside: the guy behind me usually has to push hard for me to be able to get inside. It is an unwritten rule that the guys behind have to "help" the guys in front by pushing. It is a fun rule. Just don't take things personally.

I am glad that I was born a man.

Imagine Pamela Anderson riding the MRT during rush hour. When she gets off the train, she'll be flat-chested!

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