Friday, November 12, 2010

A Filipino Bachelor and His Pet Earthworms

I have been raising African Nightcrawler earthworms as pets. I purchased the African Nightcrawlers from the nearest Filipino earthworm supplier I found on the web.

Earthworms make ideal pets. They don't complain even if you feed them garbage and decomposing materials. They don't even make noise! And their poop (worm castings or vermicasts) is an excellent fertilizer that I use to grow vegetables and herbs.

My pet worms are doing very well because of my concern about their welfare.

Imagine, I collect banana peels from a banana-cue (sweetened, fried bananas skewered like a barbecue) vendor at the nearest public market to feed my pets. Good thing that my pet food is free since it is considered garbage by the vendor. A sack of banana peels weighs about 25-30 kilos that my African Nightcrawler earthworms feed on for 60 days.

As a bachelor, I have time for my worm pets compared to guys raising their children. I don't have to contend with weekend visits to the mall as a lot of Filipino fathers have to do. I spend time doing gardening chores instead of malling.

Raising earthworms allows me to minimize my carbon footprint. I don't have to live in Nuvali to become ecologically responsible.

Now, I just have to find a bachelorette who can discuss worms without wincing.

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