Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Filipino bachelor's bad hair(less) day and c-sat

The electric shaver resting on the table was purchased about 17 months ago. The purchase was due to low customer satisfaction (c-sat) everytime I had a haircut.

It had nothing to do with my barber's skills and customer service level. Instead, it had everything to do with my mother's genes.

Among all the good things that she has given, she also passed on her family's hairloom, alopecia.

Compounded by high stress levels, my hair line drastically receded a decade ago. BTW, it was also during this time I regained my preferred marital status, initiated by my, now, ex-wife.

I have never really enjoyed a hair cut, before, during and after since then.

So, 17 months ago, I had purchased and have been shaving my scalp using an electric shaver with a #4 attachment.

I not only have been saving on hair cut expenses, but I also found that not looking at the mirror dramatically increased my c-sat level!

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